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I know I typically share user experiences that I feel are lacking in the whole ‘understanding your users’ department, but today I actually have an interaction that I think goes above and beyond from the UX perspective. A collective round of applause please!

I was checking out a site that offers wire framing and prototyping products:

Site with a Feedback Link

This is a nice intuitive, streamlined UI. But the thing that really caught my eye was the little ‘Give Feedback’ image in the upper right hand column.

Feedback widget

Curiosity killed that cat, so I had to click on it, and I was presented with one of the most well designed Contact forms I have ever encountered:
Feedback form with category selection

What makes this so special you say? Well the first thing I noticed is that they seem genuinely interested in my feedback as opposed to who I am and what my contact information is. Instead of immediately asking me for that type of information, their first question is ‘what kind of feedback might that be’ – and rather than presenting it via a sterile dropdown as so often is the case, they instead make it a little more fun by putting the most common types of feedback right out in the open as buttons where I can simply click the one I want. None of the specific categories match? That’s okay too; there is an Other Feedback option. I also want to point out that the entire interaction is keyboard accessible.

I pick the type of feedback I’d like to give and:
Feedback form text entry

A text box appears, highlighted and focus is already in the text box for me. All I need to do is to start typing my comments. And all of the other feedback categories are still front and center in case I decide that a different subject would be more appropriate. I type in my comments and hit Send…
Feedback form with contact info optional

The only piece of personal information being asked for from me is my email address, and I only need to give it if I want to ensure someone follows up with me. How awesome is that?!

It’s funny, but when I blog about my negative user experiences I feel it necessary to protect the offenders and blur out identifying information. But when I encounter an experience as positive as this, I want to yell the site/company names from the mountaintop! This interaction shows that Kampyle has made good use of their time and energy to ensure that the product they were creating was going to meet the needs of both the sites that purchase it and the users who would actually be sending the feedback. Kudos to Kampyle!


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